Terms And Conditions



  • “Live concert” means a concert that is broadcasted simultaniousely or was recently recorded and being broadcased without edits. 
  • “LAB” means Live At Birds.
  • “Stream” means the broadcasting of a live concert through the internet.
  • “Unique Event” means a one off. There are no instanced where the same concert can be broadcasted again.
  • “Selected Device” means either your smart phone, tablet including iPad or Smart TV or any other device that is able to display Safari or Chrome. 
  • “Ticket” is the process which enables you to connect to the Live Concert. 


  1. LAB offers a streaming service for Live Concerts.
  2. The Stream is broadcasted once and will not be available after the broadcast time advertised.
  3. The ticket to watch the Live Concert is a unique event.
  4. No Sharing. There are no possibilities of sharing the link that is sent to you to watch the Live Concert.
  5. Once you start the stream with your Selected Device, you are not able to switch to another device. You need to make sure that you select the device where you will see the enture show. Should you wish abother device to work, you will be required to purchase another ticket.
  6. If you are late for the show, there are no ways to view the part that you have missed.
  7. There are no ways to view any part of the show that you may have missed. As there are no ways to pause the show.
  8. The stream we provide has the same features as any live show that you would waych anywhere, should you wish to go to attend another business during the show, you will miss the part that you have not watched.
  9. You can only purchase 1 ticket at the time. Should you require a second ticket, you will be required to do a second purchase.
  10. There are no circumstances where a ticket purchased for this streaminng service can be reimboursed except if the concert is cancelled. 

Privacy policy:

We are not sharing any of the information you provide us, we are not commercializing that information, we are not looking for purchasing patterns, we are not using any algorithm to entice you with anything else. Our only aim is to provide you with a fantastic experience watching a live stream concert as authentically as the technology allows us to. In so far as your credit card information, it remains with your financial institution, the payment gateway is a proper banking gateway and we don’t have access in anyway whatsoever to that information.